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Aircall: Thriving during a pandemic

We get exclusive insight from Romain on what has been the most difficult transition for startup’s culture during this crisis

Poplar's Co-founder and CEO David Ripert on how to build a strong startup culture leveraging your previous work experiences

In this article, David shares insights on how to take aspects of the previous work experience and use them to make you own company culture when launching a business

2020 State of Play — Remote team experiences

Here at Jurnee, we strive to organise unique company experiences. This year has been different in many ways, one of them being how we connect with our teams.

Serial entrepreneur Brent Hoberman explains why you should be uncompromising on company culture

We’re so excited to share our interview with serial entrepreneur Brent Hoberman on why you should be uncompromising on company culture

Virtual team-building is the new normal — here’s how upslide does It

Happy to share with you how we organised our first team-building fo Upslide and how it went

Step-by-step guide on how to organise a virtual team-building activity

Read our simple guide to make your life easier when thinking of organising a virtual activity for your team