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How to organise virtual office parties that strengthen your company culture

You don’t have to get together with your colleagues IRL to have a good time; you can have a morale-boosting and memorable virtual party that strengthens your company culture – all while honouring the time and commitments of your remote workers. 

4 creative workshop ideas to do with your team

Additionally to being a lot of fun, studies have found that art workshops and creative activities in general are beneficial for people struggling with anxiety, depression and stress and can help with memory, reasoning, and resilience.

Onboarding tips for hybrid and remote companies: how to set up your remote team for success

What’s the best way to onboard a new remote team member? We asked Morgane Conrad, Talent Manager at folk, to share her tried and tested onboarding tips with us – and it made for an eye-opening interview.

Why virtual experiences are essential for hybrid and remote teams

From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, to all the new technology available, it’s easier than ever to work from home – and it’s become increasingly clear that remote working is only set to become more popular in the future.

The best in-person team-building activities for small teams

Human beings thrive on connection – which is one of the reasons it’s such a good idea to get together with your employees for some in-person team-building activities once in a while. Even if yours is only a small team.

Company culture: what it is and why you should care about it

We know that a so-called good company culture has been shown time and time again to be the key to revenue success. But what is it, really? How can we go about building a great company culture of our own? And why should we take the time and effort to do so?

Remote work: the best cities in Europe to work remotely

One of the biggest perks of remote working is that you don’t just have to work from home; you can work from anywhere. And Europe is filled with the sort of beautiful cities that are a digital nomad’s dream come true.

The best quotes on company culture that will inspire your team

A strong company culture is – and should be – the cornerstone of every great business. A strong culture doesn’t just inform the identity and values of your company; it also can improve employee retention, performance, and overall recruitment. 

Easy team-building games to try with your team

Teamwork makes the dream work. 50% of the positive changes in communication patterns within the workplace can be accredited to social interaction outside of the workplace.

Wellbeing at work: The best virtual activities to help your team’s mental health

One of the easiest ways to help improve employee wellbeing is to reap the mental health benefits of a well-chosen virtual activity – one which has been designed to “hack into” people’s happiness chemicals.

The 8 best tools to improve communication within your team

When employees keep open lines of communication with one another, they are more likely to remain emotionally healthy, which has a hugely beneficial impact on their overall wellbeing.

The best team-building icebreaker games to try with your team

Team-building is pivotal in the success of a team. It boosts productivity, increases employee motivation, and encourages collaboration. It can also inspire effective problem-solving, mitigates conflict, and keeps employees feeling connected.

Leading a happy team: These company perks will help you keep your employees happy

While a good salary goes a long way towards keeping your team happy, it seems benefits and company perks are far more likely to boost team morale and encourage company loyalty in the long run.

Mental health in the workplace: the easy ways managers can support employee's wellbeing

With surveys suggesting that a growing number of people across Europe are suffering from symptoms of burnout, it seems as if supporting employee’s wellbeing should be top on our list of priorities.

Company culture: the questions you should ask during an interview to assess the company’s culture

A company’s culture determines how they do things – particularly when it comes to core values around management styles and work-life balance. Finding a good “culture fit” means we’re more likely to not just succeed in our careers, but thrive in them, too. 

This is why companies should champion hybrid and remote work

With so many benefits to employees and employees alike, companies should champion hybrid and remote work going forward; it’s the future – no doubt about it!

How to build a strong company culture with a remote team

If you are new to remote and hybrid work, you might be trying to find ways to create a great environment for your employees to thrive. We gathered a few easy tips that will help you build a strong company culture with a remote team.

This is how you can support the working-from-home parents in your team

If you have mums, or parents, in your team – we gathered some tips to help you support your employees to be the happiest parents and workers they can be.

The best summer destinations in Europe for your next company retreat

A company retreat is packed full of amazing benefits for you and your employees. Need help deciding where to take them, though? Here’s our pick of the best summer destinations in Europe for a company retreat.

The best virtual team building activities to boost your team morale

From a fun comedy show to a cocktail class or a virtual game to do together, these are our favourite virtual team building activities to boost your team morale.

How to create the perfect home office to boost your performance

If you are working remotely, it is important to create a productive work environment for yourself – one which will serve to boost your performance just as well as (or better than) your typical office setting.

The best outdoor activities to do with your team

If you’re looking to boost the well-being of your team – not to mention improve productivity – it’s definitely worth getting everyone outside; outdoor activities with your team do so much more than give them all a dose of fresh air.

The best virtual team building activities for foodies

If you have a team of foodies in your company, they will enjoy spending a couple of hours learning more about food and, of course, eating away! To give you a few ideas, we gathered our favourite virtual team building activities for foodies.

5 ways you can off-set your company retreat’s carbon footprint

It can be frustrating to add another item to the already long list of things you have to think about when organising a company retreat, so we thought we’d help you out with five easy tips you can use to offset your company retreat’s carbon footprint. 

5 team building activities to reconnect with nature

The beautiful spring and summer weather makes us all want to spend more time in nature, so why not give your team the gift of a relaxing team-building experience that will help them reconnect with nature?

The best in-person spring team building activities to do with your team

From archery tournaments to graffiti workshops, there are so many brilliant ways for you and your team to come together this spring and shake off the winter blues. Here are a few of our favourite in-person spring team building activities to choose from.

The best virtual spring team building activities to do with your team

From virtual terrarium workshops to virtual tie-dye sessions, there really is a team-building activity to suit everyone on your team this spring. All are guaranteed to keep your remote colleagues feeling connected.

The best in-office food stands to celebrate spring with your team

Good food always brings people together - so what better way is there to celebrate spring with your team than by hiring an in-office food stand?

The best spring destinations in Europe for your next company retreat

There’s nothing quite like taking your team away for a great off-site to help everyone relax, bond, and really focus on a particular project or objective. A company retreat, however, does all of this and then some.

How to make your office greener: everything you can do to create a more eco-friendly workspace

Other than going paperless and turning down the thermostat, here are a few, easy to implement, ideas we think might help you make your office greener and your team more eco-conscious.

The best virtual activities to do with your team to celebrate Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we have selected our favourite virtual activities you can do with your remote or hybrid team to learn more about ecology and sustainability while having a blast with your colleagues and friends.

The best in-office Easter themed team bonding activities

If your company has an in-person policy, there are many experiences that you can choose to organise that require no preparation, zero stress on your side and that are assured to bring a lot of fun and happiness to your workplace.

The best virtual Easter team bonding party ideas

From a classic virtual Easter egg hunt to a pastry cooking class, we have listed a few of our favourite team-building activities to do with your hybrid or remote team to celebrate Easter and spend a wonderful day together. 

How to organise a virtual Easter egg hunt for your team

Easter is around the corner and there is nothing better than a team egg hunt to celebrate with your colleagues. Grab pen and paper, we are about to tell you our tips and tricks to organise the best virtual Easter egg hunt for your team.

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