Qualified vendors for all your events ...

  • One-stop shop for every events from activities to catering, dinners or parties, hampers and more

  • Enjoy the same process for booking, payment and terms for all your events

  • Save time by eliminating the hassle of event vendor onboarding and management

... across the world

  • Ensure a consistent employee XP across your offices by given them access to local vendors

  • Make it easy for teams visiting one another to seamlessly plan events even in unfamiliar locations

  • Offer remote teams and employees a tool to feel connected and included

The concierge service

  • Some events are even more special so we do our best to comply to your special requests

  • Enable your teams to tap into the expertise of experienced event professionals when required

  • Request specific vendors and still benefit from our standardised event booking process

Connect with your audience, we'll handle the logistics

Invest your organisation's time and energy into building strong business relationships, not event planning

Run inspiring events

Discover exciting activities, get access to the best event providers and elevate your audience experience.

Tailored to B2B requirements

Partner with vendors who comply with B2B requirements to get the best quality for your events.

Simplify event planning

Optimise event planning processes and reduce administrative as well as logistical burdens across your organisation.

All your event needs covered

From an onboarding lunch in London to a team building activity in New York, an office party in Sydney to a dinner with top prospects in Paris - you can now find, book and plan all your events on one platform

Lucie Vicat

〝 Jurnee helps us create great events that unites us behind a common culture - from breakfasts and parties to activities, it's now super simple for us to keep our teams connected across three continents. 〞

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