2020 State of Play — Remote team experiences

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Here at Jurnee, we strive to organise unique company experiences. This year has been different in many ways, one of them being how we connect with our teams. Since most of us are remote working, we have to actively set aside time to bond with our teams while we are apart.

So we’ve put together this infographic for you, which contains everything you need to know about remote team-building experiences. It’s the 2020 guide for founders, team managers, and HR departments looking to connect their distributed team.


Culture matters

Having a strong company culture is more important now than ever. 40% of employees report feeling disconnected or lonely while remote working. And non-thriving cultures are 10x more likely to be negatively impacted by crisis.

So if you aren’t already, you should be prioritising culture-building activities for your team. Most companies organise team-building activities once per quarter… do you? 👀

Organising takes money… and time

On average, remote events cost between 30€ for a fully virtual event to 86€ for a premium at-home activity. But there are also overhead costs that companies incur due to the time and effort they put into organising the event. When taking into account the 20 hours and 35+ emails sent to organise an activity, it can inflate your bill by 20–25% with hidden costs.

But team experiences are non-negotiable

At the end of the day, company culture is not a nice-to-have. It’s an integral part of an organisation that must be fostered. When you are facing the most uncertainty is when you should be focusing the most on keeping your team connected.

As Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Jurnee is a start-up helping companies organise their team-building activities without the hassle. We curate only the best activities, handle the logistics for you, with no hidden costs.