How to organise a virtual Easter egg hunt for your team

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Easter is around the corner and with most teams still working remotely and companies now fully embracing hybrid work, managers have to find ways for their teams to party together without being together in real life. But if there is something that a two-year-long pandemic has taught us, it’s how to create a fun virtual event. 

Chocolate tastings and virtual magic shows are great, but for Easter, nothing beats a well-organised egg hunt! 

Grab pen and paper, we are about to tell you our tips and tricks to organise the best virtual Easter egg hunt for your team.

Set some ground rules for your virtual Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts don’t usually have many rules, but when organising a virtual event, you have to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves. In this case, creating rules can help a smoother roll-out of the event. When using Zoom or Skype for example, people should know how they can gain the right to talk so that the game can work on a first come first served basis when it comes to hunting for the eggs. 

A successful Easter egg hunt, where everyone is participating and enjoying themselves, might be difficult to organise with a large group of people. If you can, try to organise smaller groups that can easily be managed on a virtual call.

Make sure everyone receives treats before the hunt

The Easter egg hunt might be virtual, but the chocolate doesn’t have to be. Make sure you organise a package full of goodies to be sent off to every member of the team. These are not meant for them to hide in their gardens or apartments, but so that they can enjoy some real chocolate straight away if they are the ones that end up finding some of the eggs during the hunt. And even if they don’t, they can still enjoy the treats!

Just make sure to specify that they shouldn’t open the package before the hunt. It’s much more fun to open the box together on d-day before starting the virtual Easter egg hunt.

Prepare yourself to be the best leader for your team

Just like real-life gatherings, virtual events need a charismatic leader to be successful. Make sure you are up to taking on this role and, if you would rather be on the other side, ask one of your colleagues to take your place. Some people love to lead events while others absolutely hate it, and that’s ok. Take advantage of your team’s strengths! 

If you do decide to take the lead, make sure you have everything organised before the hunt starts so there are no awkward silences or confusion during the event. Having everything under control is the first step to being a confident (and fun) hunt leader!

Hide the eggs and prepare a map

The person organising the hunt won’t be able to play and will have to hide the (real) eggs. If you are the designated organiser, make sure you chose a spot where you will be able to hide quite a few eggs. If it can’t be your home, it could be a park, an office or a co-working space. Most importantly, make sure you don’t forget where you hid the treasures! 

Once you have created a map of the hiding spots, you should start thinking about ways to help your colleagues find the eggs. You can prepare riddles that they will have to solve to get the right answer and therefore the eggs, for example.

Prepare extra prizes for the winners

A package full of chocolate is great, but you need to give people something special to motivate them to find the eggs! Depending on your budget and the size of your team, you can decide to get an extra gift for the person who finds the most eggs or for everyone that finds at least one egg. The prize could be anything from a giant Easter egg delivered to their door to a gift card or an extra day off – there is no need to choose anything too expensive or complicated.

If you organise a virtual Easter egg hunt following our tips, please share your pictures with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – we’d love to see what you come up with!