Remote work: the best cities in Europe to work remotely

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One of the biggest perks of remote working – other than the abolishment of the uncomfortable commute – is that you don’t just have to work from home; you can work from anywhere. And Europe is filled with the sort of beautiful cities that are a digital nomad’s dream come true.

This means that you can travel the continent and build your career at the same time. Even better? Whether you go for just a few days, a couple of weeks, a month, or even longer, you’ll be able to do so without dipping into your previous annual leave – yet still reap those vacation vibes!

From medieval townscapes to glittering sun-soaked cities, here’s our pick of the best European cities to work from remotely.

Gdańsk, Poland

Pretty colourful buildings and cobbled streets are the standout feature of this picturesque medieval city, which is perched upon Poland’s northern coastline. Life is affordable, there’s a bevvy of coworking spaces, and it’s fairly easy to fly in and out of and find accommodation.

Throw in the lively university town vibe, the beach, the delicious food and the friendly locals, and you have a recipe for a brilliant European country to work remotely from. And, if you’re hoping to share a drink or two with your new friends when you clock off, we have even better news; there’s an entire street called ‘Ulica Piwna’ – which literally translates to ‘beer street’. Cheers!

Copenhagen, Denmark

With its dazzlingly high internet speeds, a plethora of co-working spaces, and one of the biggest airports in the continent, the picturesque Copenhagen is definitely a European city to consider working remotely from. 

Yes, the cost of living here is high – eye-watering high, even. If quality of life is more important to you than affordability, though, this Danish city has it all; tasty food, great cycling routes, lots to see and do, and happy friendly locals – what more could you want?

Zagreb, Croatia 

Smack-bang in the middle of where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe meet, Zagreb is the centre of the road, rail and air networks of Croatia – making it an ideal European city to work remotely from.

Not only does its unique positioning make for a diverse economy, low crime rates and high quality of living (even for temporary residents), Zagreb also has lush green parks, vibrant food markets, and the everyday cafe culture that so many digital nomads crave on their travels. 

Better even than the affordable living costs, though, are the welcoming locals; you’ll be sure to make friends in no time!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It’s a little off the beaten path for tourists, but this Slovenian capital is the sort of underrated city that’s well worth visiting – especially if you’re a remote worker; the ridiculously fast internet speeds alone should be enough of a lure, to be quite frank!

Small, but never crowded, Ljubljana has that irresistible university town feel – which means that you’ll never be bored, even after you figure out your favourite coffee shop. Outdoorsy types will love all the hiking trails on their doorstep, whilst foodies will revel in all the delicious bars and eateries. 

Add to this Ljubljana’s green credentials and gorgeous landmarks (there’s a reason it was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List), and you have the ideal European city for remote workers. 

Budapest, Hungary

The ideal city for exploring on foot, Budapest is another spot to consider if you’re a remote worker looking for fast internet, affordable living costs, rich culture, and breathtaking surroundings.

Known as “the star of the Danube”, Budapest is a popular tourist destination – which means that it boasts plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs. It’s also a prime spot for conventions and business summits, which makes it great for networking – and let’s not forget that it’s also a spa city. And that means, yes, you’ll have an array of bathhouses to choose from when you’re looking to unwind after a hard week at work.

One more thing? You definitely won’t feel lost without a car; Budapest features a low-cost public transport system, which means you can hop on a bus, metro, trolley bus, tram, suburban railway lines (called HÉV lines), or even a boat service to get to wherever you need to go. Perfect.

Porto, Portugal

Easily one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Porto is also uniquely set up for remote working thanks to its fast internet speeds, friendly locals and everyday cafe culture. 

Smaller and more peaceful than Lisbon (not to mention cheaper to live in!), Porto has an abundance of European charm – and there are plenty of places to set up base with your laptop, whether you opt for a library, cafe, city park, or coworking space.

Yes, it can be overrun with tourists in the summer months, but that’s a small price to pay to live and work in Porto. Just picture yourself sitting alongside its glittering blue waters, sipping port wine and enjoying a plate filled with local seafood specialities after you’ve clocked off for the day. Heaven!

Tallinn, Estonia

The final European city on our list is none other than the effortlessly cool Tallinn, Estonia. Yes, the winters are harsh. And yes, the cost of living isn’t exactly the cheapest. All that aside, though, the Estonian capital is cosy and charming – whether you choose to frequent its enchanting gothic Old Town, the vibrant creative hub around the university in Rataskaevu, or the nearby coastline and ancient pine forests.

What more is there to say? Well, the locals are friendly, the food is hearty, and the internet speeds are excellent. But this is also one of the most innovative cities out there – and it was one of the first to issue a digital nomad passport, long before Covid-19 made them cool. Win!

Which European city would you most like to work from remotely? Let us know on Twitter if your favourite has made the list!