The best in-office food stands to celebrate spring with your team

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Good food always brings people together - so what better way is there to celebrate spring with your team than by hiring an in-office food stand? Providing employees with fresh and delicious food, an in-office food stand is guaranteed to make your people feel seen and appreciated - not to mention get them chatting and bonding as they sample its wares together. And, after a long and difficult winter, the sunshine and warmer climes of spring feel well worth celebrating!

With that in mind, then, grab your colleagues and celebrate spring with some of the best in-office food stands around.

In-office frozen yoghurt stand

Frozen yoghurt - or froyo, if you prefer - is a cool addition to any spring event. A guilt-free alternative to ice cream, an in-office frozen yoghurt stand will allow your teammates to pump themselves a bowl of frozen deliciousness, then choose from a wide array of toppings - from fresh fruit to chocolate - to customise their froyo and make it their own. Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect way to celebrate spring?

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In-office Açaï Bar

Spring always makes us feel like embracing the healthier side of life, so this in-office açai bar - which grants your team the chance to make their own Brazilian superfood bowls for breakfast - is a no-brainer. Essentially, you’ll be filling your bowls with an indulgently thick smoothie, topping it with oatmeal, fruit or peanut butter, and gobbling it up with a spoon. Sounds like the kind of in-office food stand that was made to celebrate spring, right?

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In-office Smoothie Bar

Give your teammates a glorious start to the day with an in-office smoothie bar. Basically a healthy pick n mix stand, it allows you and your colleagues to concoct your own fruity drinks from the ingredients on offer - and raise a glass to the season of renewal as you do so. A great way to show your team you appreciate them, and the kind of in-office food stand that’s guaranteed to please everyone this spring!

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In-office coffee bar

The average British person is said to drink a whopping 676 cups of coffee a year - and, as a large number of those are picked up at their local coffee shop, this works out as approximately £303 (equivalent to €356 or $369) spent on coffee each year. Phew! Help them save some pennies this spring, then, with an in-office coffee bar. It’s a sure-fire way to put a smile on their faces and give them the caffeine kick they’re truly craving.

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In-office Hot Dog stand

A whopping 20 billion hot dogs are consumed in America every single year, which means these spiced sausages are already bringing people together every single day. An in-office hot dog stand, then, is a great way to celebrate spring with your team - not to mention settle that neverending debate on hot dog toppings: sweet relish? Mustard? Pickles? Fried onions? Cheese? Tomato ketchup? All or none of the above? It’s time to figure it out once and for all!

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