The best in-person spring team building activities to do with your team

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Spring is finally upon us, and there’s no better time to get your employees feeling refreshed, re-energised, and excited for the longer, brighter days ahead. And what better way to harness the season’s sense of renewal than by partaking in an in-person spring team building activity together?

From archery tournaments to graffiti workshops, there are so many brilliant ways for you and your team to come together this spring and shake off the winter blues. Here are just a few of our favourite in-person spring team building activities to choose from.

Archery Tournament

If Robin Hood has taught us anything, it’s this; archery doesn’t just bring people together – it keeps them upbeat, too (just look at his band of ‘Merry Men’ if you don’t believe us). This archery tournament, then, is the ideal in-person spring team building activity, harnessing all of that feel-good energy as you and your colleagues learn how to shoot a recurve bow safely and confidently.

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Bubble Soccer Tournament

Fancy getting outdoors this spring for a fun in-person team building activity? Then this bubble soccer tournament is for you. Challenging each of your colleagues to climb inside their own bubble and bounce around a football pitch, or promises to be a high-energy and hugely engaging activity – not to mention give them all something to talk about for months to come.

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Drone racing

Competition is the spice of life, so why not opt for an in-person team building activity that’s guaranteed to get people’s competitive juices flowing this spring? Drone racing – whether you opt for the 60-minute or 120-minute version – brings your team together in an indoor soccer field to a) learn how to fly their drones and b) engage in a fun drone race. Just be sure to award the winners with some small token come the end of the race.

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Paintball Tournament

If you fancy getting outdoors for an in-person team building activity this spring, you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned paintball tournament. Expect to see your colleagues split into a series of small teams on the day, offering them the opportunity to bond and strategise during the tournament. And, of course, laugh themselves silly as they find themselves covered in paint! Who will be crowned the winners of your frenetic paintball session, though? Only time will tell…

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Graffiti workshop

And now for something completely different! This graffiti workshop will provide your colleagues with the equipment and expert guidance they need to throw themselves into the world of street art and create a bigger design together as a group  – making it the perfect in-person team building activity this spring. 

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