The best outdoor activities to do with your team

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If you’re looking to boost the well-being of your team – not to mention improve productivity – it’s definitely worth getting everyone outside; outdoor activities with your team do so much more than give them all a dose of fresh air. In fact, psychologist Honey Langcaster-James worked with tech manufacturer Lenovo to create a formula proposing the 'Recommended Daily Nature Allowance' (RDNA), and the positive impact of outdoor activities was clear to see.

Explaining that just 20 active minutes in a nature-rich environment per day is a sure-fire way to give busy workers a boost, Langcaster-James said: “Spending some time outside in a green space is good for mind, body and soul.” 

Giving employees everywhere a very good reason to partake in some outdoor activities with their team, she continued: "Just 20 minutes of active time outside can generally improve our health and wellbeing. That can lead to improved concentration as well as help you generate ideas and be more productive – so it’s a no-brainer to try to find ways to get your RDNA in!”

Keen to help your colleagues boost their RDNA? Here’s our pick of the best outdoor activities to do with your team.

Mini-golf experience

One of the best outdoor activities to do with your team, a mini-golf experience is a fun way for everyone to get into the swing of spending time in nature. Whether it’s a cheeky 9-hole course, or you want to play the full 18, pick up your (mini) golf clubs and have fun strolling the well-manicured grounds of a mini-golf course together – not to mention partake in a little healthy competition!

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Paintball tournament

If you fancy trying a high-adrenaline outdoor activity with your team, you can’t go wrong with a paintball tournament. Whether you work together or in smaller teams, paintball will help everyone strategise and bond while enjoying the fresh air and, of course, get some serious paint spatter on!

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Karting experience 

Karting is one of the most popular outdoor activities to do with your team, as it’s an easy way to give everyone an adrenaline boost as they race each other around the track. And, after you’ve sped around the track and determined which of you is the best go-kart driver, why not maximise your time in the fresh air and grab a picnic together to celebrate? 

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Archery tournament

If it’s good enough for Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, then it’s more than good enough for us! Archery is one of the best outdoor activities to try with your team as it teaches everyone a new skill, gets their hearts pumping, boosts your time spent outdoors, and encourages some friendly competition. Who will hit the bullseye under the tuition of a friendly archery instructor? Only time will tell…

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Outdoor activity tournament

Why do just one outdoor activity when you and your team can partake in a dozen or so in a fun outdoor tournament? From nerf battles to dinosaur blowup costumes, and treasure hunts to capture-the-flag competitions, an outdoor activity tournament is guaranteed fun for you and your colleagues, as you can customise the experience to suit your group. An excellent way to encourage camaraderie and competition, not to mention get everyone their RDNA. Win-win!

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