The best spring destinations in Europe for your next company retreat

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There’s nothing quite like taking your team away for a great off-site to help everyone relax, bond, and really focus on a particular project or objective. A company retreat, however, does all of this and then some; research shows that spiriting your team away for an out-of-office adventure helps to boost morale, improve relationships and camaraderie within the business, and boost productivity, too.

Essentially, a company retreat is a great way to get everyone in the business together - something which feels especially important in this new era of remote working. It’s also, though, a good way to show your employees that you care about them - so why not up the ante and whisk everyone off to an amazing place in Europe this spring for your next company retreat?

Here we have collected just a few of our favourite destinations.

A company retreat in the buzzing city of Dublin, Ireland

Dublin makes for an ideal “get it done” company retreat, as there are plenty of coworking and event spaces around the city that your team can work from during the day. It’s also, though, the kind of city that allows for workers to play hard, too; from the many many pubs dotted around Temple Bar, to the gorgeous hiking trails of Dublin Mountains Way, to the plethora of museums and libraries, there’s something for all of your team members to enjoy. Better still? This brilliant company retreat destination is also home to some beautiful sandy stretches and hidden swimming spots - all of which are made for springtime company picnics on the beach.

A company retreat in the picturesque San Sebastian, Spain

This picturesque Spanish coastal town is the sort of company retreat destination that’s guaranteed to please the foodies you work alongside each day; it’s widely regarded as one of the world’s great dining destinations. After you’ve explored San Sebastian’s beaches, cobblestone streets and gorgeous architecture (not to mention gotten your work done), be sure to visit one of the many pintxos bars dotted around Old Town. Because, while San Sebastián is famed for its seafood, Spaniards don’t eat dinner until late at night - so you and your colleagues will definitely want to ride yourselves over with plateful after plateful of Northern Spain’s version of tapas.

A company retreat in always sunny Marseille, France

Marseille - otherwise known as France’s second city - is blessed with 300 days of sunshine every year, making it the ideal springtime destination for your company retreat. Its enviable position on the Mediterranean coast means that there’s seafood and scuba diving opportunities aplenty - not to mention plenty of museums to explore with your colleagues, too. And, when you’re not soaking up the sun or brainstorming your next big idea, be sure to pop out for a team lunch; the Bouillabaisse and Pastis are a must!

A company retreat exploring Porto, Portugal

Why not opt for a World Heritage City for your next company retreat? Porto - Portugal’s second-largest city - has so much to offer for your next company retreat. There are plenty of workspaces for you and your team to set up base in throughout the city, yes, but there’s also so much to do if you’re looking to build some strong team bonds. From visiting ancient churches and monuments, to taking a cruise along the River Douro, to sampling the port wine that gave the city its name, your team is sure to come away from the company retreat feeling relaxed and appreciated - the perfect combination!

A company retreat on the coast of Zadar, Croatia

Forget navigating the crowded streets of Split and Dubrovnik; instead, spirit your team away to Croatia’s Zatar for the next big company retreat. You can expect all the modern amenities of any European city - including quirky hotels and workspaces - and plenty more on top. From the fascinating historic centre, to the quiet beaches and national parks, to the effervescent restaurant scene, you and your colleagues will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what you should add to your itineraries. Whatever you do, though, we suggest taking a walk together and taking in the springtime air; the sunsets over Zadar are, after all, the very same ones that inspired Alfred Hitchcock! Are you looking to organise your next company retreat? Chat with team Jurnee to create a unique experience for your team!