The best summer destinations in Europe for your next company retreat

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The days are getting longer, temperatures are climbing, and the sun is shining at long last. It can only mean one thing; summer is finally upon us. And, as the season often leaves us dreaming about trips abroad, why not boost morale and whisk your team away on a gorgeous company retreat?

A company retreat is a brilliant way to shake things up and get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Why? Well, because it combines work and play to bring employees together from across the company – boosting engagement, collaboration, and communication in the process. It’s also worth noting that, in a 2019 study by Glassdoor, 56% of workers ranked a strong workplace culture as more important than salary, with more than three-in-four workers saying they'd consider a company's culture before applying for a job there. Giving them the chance to spend time together away from the office via a company retreat, then, is a brilliant way to give them the positive workplace culture they want and deserve. 

If you treat your team to a company retreat in Europe this summer, though, you’re not just giving them a chance to get away from their workplace responsibilities and provide them with time for self-improvement and reflection. In fact, by giving them time to decompress and reflect – not to mention some vital time away from screens, phones and other electronics – you are showing them not just your appreciation for all they do, but just how much you care about them, too. After all, a company retreat could be exactly what your team needs to help them to keep burnout at bay.

Essentially, a company retreat is packed full of amazing benefits for you and your employees. Need help deciding where to take them, though? Here’s our pick of the best summer destinations in Europe for a company retreat.

Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy 

Settled in the heart of the Italian Alps, Trentino-Alto Adige has it all; gorgeous mountainous landscapes, lush green valleys, and a whopping 297 lakes. It’s the ideal spot, then, for a team-building company retreat this summer, as there are so many activities on offer – from hiking to water sports, to wine tastings. Throw in the galleries, museums, and countless historical attractions worth visiting (not to mention the gastronomical bars and restaurants dotted everywhere), and you’re guaranteed the sort of company retreat that lifts everyone’s spirits this summer.

Brittany, France

There’s a reason Brittany is one of the most popular holiday destinations in France; this great historic province boasts an epic 750-mile coastline, megalithic monuments, sites of historic importance, and plenty of delicious goodies to eat and drink (it is, after all, the second largest cider-producing region in France). Why not, then, whisk your team away to this European hotspot this summer for a company retreat? You’ll be spoiled with things to do and see!

Schaffhausen, Switzerland 

If you truly want to treat your team to an unforgettable company retreat, then why not try Switzerland’s Schaffhausen? On top of all the Baroque and Gothic architecture, it features fabulous local wines, easy access to cycling paths, and plenty of moreish local dishes to sample. More importantly, though, this unusual company retreat destination also boasts easy access to the Rhine Falls – which, at 150 metres wide and 23 metres tall, are the largest waterfall in Europe. Well worth a trip, wouldn’t you say?

Stockholm, Sweden

The cobblestone streets of Sweden’s capital are just crying out for a visit – but don’t worry; there’s plenty to do on a company retreat in Stockholm other than walk around and take photos of the ochre-coloured buildings of Gamla Stan (the old town). It’s also home to the world’s first national city park, an iconic city hall, the world's first open-air museum and (of course) the fabulous Abba museum. Why don’t you and your team join the 70,000 or so locals who take to their bikes and pedal around the city each day, then, and so the same? There’s nothing quite like pedalling around somewhere new in the summer – especially when that somewhere new has more museums per capita than almost anywhere else in the world. Enjoy!

Lake District, England

One of the UK’s best-loved national parks, the Lake District is a truly beautiful place to take your team on a company retreat. Whether you prefer hillside walks, water sports, guided climbs, or nature photography, there’s so much fresh air fun to be had – and there are traditional pubs galore to grab a bite (and a pint) together afterwards, too. And, as if all that weren’t enough, this must-visit European destination and UNESCO world heritage site is also home to lots more attractions, including museums, breweries, historic stately homes, boat & train rides, and castles just to name some. You can even visit the home of the late great Beatrix Potter, if you fancy – and be sure to treat your team to some of the area’s local delicacies, too; we’re thinking Cumbrian sausage, Kendal mint cake, damson jam, Eden Valley Brie, and plenty more besides. Sounds like the ideal company retreat destination, right?

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