The best virtual activities to do with your team to celebrate Earth Day

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There is no beating around the bush, corporate events, off-sites and team-building activities – all these things can have an extremely positive impact on your company culture and team morale, but they can also seem harmful to the environment if they are not organised with your carbon footprint in mind. 

Being a net-zero company is far from being easy and, honestly, almost impossible to achieve for most businesses. This doesn’t mean that we can’t do everything within our power to make sure that we can change some of our habits to achieve a better sustainability level in our companies. Whether we change our office policies on recycling, limit employees' travel to the office or offer them team-building activities to have fun (of course!) but also learn more about sustainability, we are doing the little things we can do to help our planet out. 

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we have selected our favourite virtual activities you can do with your remote or hybrid team to learn more about ecology and sustainability while having a blast with your colleagues and friends.

Virtual Gardening Workshop

You don’t have to have your own garden to enjoy this workshop. Use your window seal sprouts, a community garden, your grandmother's allotment or a lonely plant you have in your home – just get your hands dirty and enjoy the class!

Don’t have any plants at home? No problem, for this activity everyone will receive a kit with all the information and equipment needed to participate in the workshop and create their own plant. An expert will introduce you to gardening and its benefits before teaching you how to keep your new green friend alive!

Book the virtual gardening workshop here.

Virtual Quiz on Ecology

Who doesn’t like team trivia? It’s time to see if anyone in your team really knows anything about ecology and sustainability!

This quiz will be created and hosted by a member of a foundation that will not only be there to lead the event but also to answer any questions you might have about ecology in relation to anything from food, transportation, the digital world and so on.

If you have been meaning to learn more about one of the biggest challenges we’re facing in our century, this is your chance to do it while enjoying yourself and bonding with your team!

Book the virtual quiz on ecology here.

Virtual Vegan Cooking Class

The food industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, everybody knows that by now. If there is one thing we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint, it is to change our eating habits and embrace a more plant-based lifestyle. 

Vegan cooking might seem daunting at first, but there is nothing we can’t learn through a great virtual cooking class! During this workshop, an expert vegan chef will teach you everything you need to know to start eating more vegetables and reduce your meat consumption. The chef will answer all your questions about vegan food and will guide you through the creation of two vegan recipes that you will be able to enjoy with your colleagues at the end of the class. 

Book a virtual vegan cooking class here.

Virtual Terrarium Workshop

If gardening is a bit out of your team’s comfort zone, you can still bring some green into everybody’s home office through a virtual terrarium workshop! 

All the participants will receive the equipment and plants needed before the class. During the virtual terrarium workshop, an expert botanist will guide you through building your very own structure that you will be able to keep in your home office and show off during your Zoom calls! 

Book a visual terrarium workshop here.

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