The best virtual Easter team bonding party ideas

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The pandemic is yet to be a distant memory which means that family, friends and, of course, teams are still maintaining the habit of gathering and partying together through a screen. With Easter around the corner, hybrid and remote teams that can’t be together can still find a way to enjoy an Easter themed bonding event.

When it comes to bringing teams together, whether virtually or in person, we have you covered. Our events experts have created a selection of virtual Easter themed activities to enjoy with your team. From a classic virtual Easter egg hunt to a pastry cooking class, we have listed a few of our favourite team-building activities to do with your hybrid or remote team to celebrate Easter and spend a wonderful day together. 

Virtual Easter egg hunt

Is it even Easter without a fun Easter egg hunt? This option might need a bit of preparation ahead of time but it’s definitely a good one to get people talking to each other. 

If you need help organising a successful virtual Easter egg hunt, you can check out our article where we share our tips and tricks for a successful team-building virtual Easter egg hunt. From setting ground rules to sending the best Easter gift box to your team – we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

Read how to organise the best virtual easter egg hunt for your team here.

Virtual chocolate tasting experience

Everybody loves chocolate but there is a lot that we don’t know about this delicious and indulgent product. This experience is perfect to spend a few hours together as a team, eating mouth-watering treats and learning all about chocolate!

A box filled with different kinds of chocolate will be sent to each participant before the event, but remember not to try anything before the session! During the experience, the expert host will tell you everything there is to know about each chocolate included in the box, while you will finally be able to dig into the chocolate box.

Book a virtual chocolate tasting experience here.

Virtual Easter-themed vegetal frame workshop

It’s time to get your hands dirty! You don’t need to be a good gardener to create a beautiful Easter-themed vegetal frame to showcase in your home during the holiday season. 

An expert botanist will guide you in the creation of a beautiful vegetal frame that you will be able to personalise however you desire. You can use anything from Easter eggs to flowers or leaves – you will decide what you want your frame to look like! No need for particular skills or maintenance after the event, this experience is all about enjoying time together with your colleagues while you learn something new.

Book a virtual Easter-themed vegetal frame workshop here.

Virtual chocolate making workshop

What’s better than eating chocolate? Learning how to make it and then eating it! 

A kit containing all the necessary ingredients and tools to make the best chocolate treats you have ever eaten will be sent to each participant ahead of the workshop. During this virtual experience, an expert chocolatier will teach you how to create delicious chocolate treats while telling you all you need to know about most people’s favourite food.

You will be able to personalise all treats and compare your creations with your colleagues. A great way to spend some sweet quality time together as a team! 

Book your virtual chocolate making workshop here.

Virtual Easter-themed baking class

If you want to go a step further, you can pair the chocolate making class with a slightly more challenging Easter-themed baking class! 

Following the instructions of an expert pastry chef, your team will learn how to make one or two Easter-themed desserts to show off to your family and friends during the holidays. There is no need to prepare a package ahead of time for this experience – a list of ingredients will be shared in advance and the chef will only use kitchen utensils that are generally available in any home. A great way to bond, learn something new and eat some cake together!

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