The best virtual spring team building activities to do with your team

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Remote work might be the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your team together. Instead of relying on a traditional in-person event to engage your team members and get them socialising (not to mention working together more effectively), choose from our pick of the best virtual team building activities to do with your team this spring. 

From virtual terrarium workshops to virtual tie-dye sessions, there really is a team-building activity to suit everyone on your team this spring. All are guaranteed to keep your remote colleagues feeling connected, not to mention get them having fun together, too!

Virtual terrarium workshop

This amazing terrarium workshop is the ideal team-building activity to engage in this spring, as it brings all the majesty of nature indoors. Under the tuition of a skilled botanist, and using a kit that’s been mailed to them at home, this 60-minute team-building activity will see your team create their very own indoor garden – leaving them with the perfect souvenir to display upon their desk come to the end of the session, too!

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Virtual gin tasting experience

This virtual team-building activity promises to be a lot of fun. Each member of your team will receive a kit ahead of the virtual gin tasting, filled with different types of gin (you can specify if you’d like a non-alcoholic version) for them to try during a guided 60-minute tasting session. Considering gin – with all of its heady botanicals and fresh tasting notes – is considered the ideal tipple for spring, it’s the ideal activity to partake in this season.

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Virtual gardening workshop

Spring is all about renewal, and renewal is one of the most important lessons a garden teaches – so why not book an online gardening workshop for your next virtual team-building session? Under an expert’s tutelage, your colleagues will learn all the practical techniques and tricks they need to create their own garden at home – not to mention have a lot of fun together in the process, too.

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Virtual tie-dye workshop

Tie-dye has long been synonymous with spring but now it is the print to wear while working from home, too. With that in mind, then, why not make it the basis of your next virtual team-building session? This virtual tie-dye workshop will provide you with everything you need to create your own Shibori Tie Dye patterns, from the kit to the guidance of an expert. You could enhance the feelings of camaraderie that are sure to come hand-in-hand with the session by, say, challenging everyone involved to wear their creations for the next big Zoom meeting!

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Virtual vegetal frame workshop

Fancy doing something a little different (and very creative) for your next virtual team-building activity? This online workshop will see you and your colleagues taught exactly how to create this spring’s must-have home accessory: the vegetal frame. Essentially, this unique home decoration is a wall frame made from plants and leaves – which means you and your team will be able to inject some serious spring attitude into your home offices this season.

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