The best virtual team building activities for foodies

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If your business is largely remote (or hybrid), it can feel difficult getting everyone together for a simple team-building lunch or dinner. And that’s a shame, as a study from Cornell University has underlined what foodies everywhere have long suspected; “food acts as a social glue” and is vital to building a strong team. Indeed, Kevin Kniffin, who authored the study, found that teams who make a point of sharing food together tend to demonstrate higher levels of teamwork and collaboration.

Don’t worry, though, as you can still reap the team-building benefits of all this – you just need to embrace a different kind of foodie experience. With that in mind, then, why not try some virtual team-building activities to boost morale and camaraderie? 

If you have a team of foodies in your company, they will enjoy spending a couple of hours learning more about food and, of course, eating away! To give you a few ideas, we gathered our favourite virtual team building activities for foodies.

Virtual baking class

This 120-minute baking lesson sees a professional baker guide you and your foodie teammates through the steps for one or two recipes. If you don’t usually bake at home, fear not – the teacher will be only using basic kitchen equipment and an ingredients list shared ahead of time. Once you’ve finished baking your cakes and goodies together, you can bid goodbye to your chef and settle down for some serious team bonding; tasting what you’ve made and chatting about the experience!

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Virtual cooking class

This virtual cooking class promises to be an excellent team-building exercise and not just for foodies. Bringing your colleagues together for a cooking lesson from an expert chef is a simple way to all learn something new, take some time to breathe, laugh and create memories. And, of course, enjoy a delicious meal together at the end of the lesson. 

Hone your culinary skills, create a truly delicious meal, and bond with your teammates? Perfection.

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Virtual cheese tasting

If you prefer a more relaxed team-building experience for foodies, might we suggest a virtual cheese tasting? No cooking or assembly is required for this activity, as a box of cheeses will be sent to participants at home ahead of time (no matter where your team is based!). All that’s left for everyone to do is log on and let themselves be guided through the tasting session by a knowledgeable cheese expert. Bon appétit ! 

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Virtual dumpling making class

Dumplings are delicious, but they’ve always felt too tricky to attempt at home – until now, that is! Your fellow foodies will absolutely appreciate this virtual team-building experience, which will see them all spend some quality time in the kitchen - and with each other - as they learn how to fill, fold, and cook delicious and authentic dumplings from scratch (all under the watchful eye of a master chef, obviously).

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Virtual chocolate tasting

Foodies everywhere will appreciate this virtual team-building event, and for good reason! Each participant will be sent a box filled to the brim with different types of chocolates ahead of the event. Then, during the online session, a Wonka-esque chocolatier will entertain the group with some serious chocolate trivia (think the production and history of everyone’s favourite sweet) as they guide them through the tasting box provided. Sounds like an ideal foodie Friday to spend with your team, right?

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