The best virtual team building activities to boost your team morale

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Everyone knows that employees with high morale are engaged, motivated and efficient – but how do we go about boosting morale in our teams?

Well, the easiest way to do so is to ensure that your employees have a satisfactory work-life balance. To make sure that’s the case, you should foster an environment that, yes, prioritises hard work but also allows for fun, rest and relaxation. 

To do so effectively, we recommend signing up for a virtual team building activity; not only will it heighten feelings of camaraderie, but it will also help your colleagues relax, take a step back from their projects, and feel seen by their employers.

From a fun comedy show to a cocktail class or a virtual game to do together, these are our favourite virtual team building activities to boost your team morale.

Virtual Magic Show

This astounding and unique virtual magic show will see an experienced magician perform tricks and showcase a series of illusions – live! – for the delight of you and your colleagues. What better way to boost team morale than with a little magic, eh?

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Virtual Game - Art Heist

This virtual game sees you and your team work together against a band of thieves. They’re trying to frame you for their museum art heist, so it’s up to you to crack the secret code before it’s too late. Seriously good fun, it’s a sure-fire crowd-pleaser (and sure to boost morale, with more than a little team-building for good measure!).

Book your virtual game - art heist here.

Virtual Cocktail Class

Fancy showcasing your cocktail making skills? This team-building class will soon have you shaking and stirring with the best of them, thanks to the expert guidance of a professional bartender. Together, you and your colleagues will receive the ingredients and know-how to make 2-3 killer cocktails, which you can enjoy together in a morale-boosting cool down after all that mixing is done.

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Virtual Game - Travel the World

What could be a better morale-booster than travelling the world? This virtual team-building game challenges players to travel as far as they can across the globe, working together and using their personal experiences to unlock each challenge they encounter along the way. Bon voyage!

Book your virtual game - travel the world here.

Virtual Comedy Show

They say laughter is the best medicine, so gather your colleagues and boost their morale with this hour-long private virtual comedy show. As collaborative as it is hilarious, it’s sure to have a long-lasting team-building effect on everyone in your team.

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