This is how global video platform Dailymotion uses team building to keep its company culture innovative

Find out how Dailymotion unites its teams across the globe while streamlining its internal processes.

Lucie Vicat
Office manager

350 employees

4 offices

3 countries

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Founded in 2005 in France and quickly expanded overseas, Dailymotion no longer needs an introduction. The global video platform has hundreds of employees working in its offices in Paris, New York, Singapore, and Sophia- Antipolis. Because of its international and multicultural nature, creating a culture that goes beyond geographical borders, language barriers, and cultural differences has been one of the company’s main objectives.

Building a strong company culture has always been a key goal for the business. To ensure that all employees are united under the same values, empowering managers with the tools and resources necessary to succeed is pivotal. Giving international managers the possibility to use Jurnee allows them to create a tailored team-building strategy that fits their teams’ needs – resulting in better employee engagement and team cohesion.

With the way we work changing so rapidly, HR teams must constantly innovate to improve company culture and keep morale up. For Dailymotion, the rise of hybrid and remote work meant that they had to keep creating the positive experiences they were providing before but in a distributed work environment, using new and improved tools that could be implemented at scale.

Lucie Vicat, Dailymotion’s Office Manager, spills the beans on how to implement and automate the tools to create a strong company culture on an international level while continuously growing a multicultural team.

Using team events to build your culture at scale across the globe

The ‘People team’ at Dailymotion believes that experimentation and constant innovation are key to delivering a great experience to their employees and improving the company culture. After many tests, they concluded that, for them, team events are one of the best ways to reach their company culture goals.

Dailymotion's thoughtful team-building strategy uses Jurnee to enable the creation of strong relationships between its employees at scale. But successfully nurturing teams scattered on three continents means having to take into consideration not only time zone differences but also language barriers and cultural differences.

“It’s important for us to make sure that every one of our employees feels part of the team”, says Lucie Vicat, Dailymotion’s Office Manager, “So we place the same efforts on all our team gatherings, no matter where they are held. Having a tool like Jurnee that we can use globally makes the whole process smoother and helps us implement our culture strategy at scale. With Jurnee we can now create great events that unite all our teams behind a common culture.”

Organising virtual, in-person, or hybrid events with people joining from different countries, and speaking different languages, is a complex process and it’s easy to be put off by the amount of paperwork and time needed to deliver a quality experience. “We used to organise a lot of events that were created for a specific region, so teams based in different cities would never really come together”, says Lucie, “since using Jurnee to organise our team events, connecting people working all over the world has been straightforward and the process has become more efficient.”

Inviting employees into the conversation

“Even though the HR team organises a lot of the events and creates the rituals”, says Lucie, “we like to bring employees into the conversation and ask them what they would like to do or share with the rest of the team. This allows them to express themselves, find common passions, and communicate with their teammates but also people from other teams.”

Jurnee was developed to make HR teams and managers' life easier, but it’s also a great tool to bring the team together to collaborate. After all, the only way to know if your company culture strategy is on the right track is to ask the people that you are trying to please: your employees.

“I love the idea that I can have a whole team voting for their favourite activities — this little ritual allows people to feel involved and makes tracking the success of the experiences much easier”

Lucie Vicat
Office manager

It’s essential to have allies within teams that are interested in being involved in the development of the company culture. We are constantly testing new ideas and if something doesn’t work, it’s important to have an easy way to gather feedback and have a different option just waiting to be picked up. To give large companies like Dailymotion full flexibility and a vast choice of activities, Jurnee is constantly updating and adding new partners and experiences to its roster.

Keeping an innovative approach to company culture

Company culture needs to always adapt and evolve to new ways of living and working. People’s expectations and desires vary and mature, which is why having a tool that can be used as a team, all over the world, is so important.

“It’s difficult to always be on top of things and be able to make our constantly growing team feel nurtured. This is why it is so important for us to have partners like Jurnee that make the process – from research and booking to payment and feedback – so much faster and easier. There is so much to do when you are trying to make everyone happy, having a single trusted partner that takes care of everything is invaluable.”

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