Floral Pumpkin Making

10 - 50 1h00 - 1h30
Virtual experience
Arts & Crafts

What’s included

  • Get into the Halloween spirit and celebrate this spooky holiday virtually with a floral pumpkin workshop! A great way to socialize and have fun together!

  • 10 - 50 participants

  • 4 languages

    🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇪🇸

About this experience

It's spooky season and there is no better excuse for a seasonal team-building activity to celebrate. Bring your team together and be a part of the Halloween tradition. Cut your pumpkin and design it as you wish, then create your own floral bouquet. This unique experience is a fun way to set the mood for Halloween while learning a new skill. 

Each participant will receive a kit ahead of the class so they will be set to go on the day of the experience. The workshop will be guided by a professional who will show you the techniques and how it is done, and will then assist the team in making and decorating their own pumpkin. This seasonal activity is great for offering a break to your team and allowing them to bond over a fun and interactive activity while learning a new skill. This once-a-year workshop will definitely be a highlight for your team!

Quick session overview:
- Introduction to session 
- Design your floral pumpkin
- Show-off your creation and choose your favorite pumpkin

What you’ll need

  • Spoon

  • Knife

  • 10 participants minimum to book this experience

Booking deadline

  • Minimum 1 week before

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