Virtual Art Tour

15 - 60 1h00 - 1h30
⭐️ 4.4 (8) - Virtual experience
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What’s included

  • Dive into this virtual art tour and discuss some beautiful pieces of art with your team. An art curator will be there to teach you all about the chosen pieces.

  • 15 - 60 participants

  • 4 languages

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About this experience

This experience will bond your team through the exploration for 2-3 art masterpieces over Zoom - if the group is fast, you can possibly go through more pieces as there will be some prepared as backup just in case. 

You can also choose as the organiser (or as a group) a theme for the art pieces you wish to go over (pop culture, ecology, Renaissance, etc.) - if you already know what you want, you can leave it in the comment box when you send a request to book the experience and if not, we'll provide some options for you to choose from!

The art curator will guide you through the history and iconic details all the while engaging every member of the group to reflect on it together. Participants will be active and describe their sentiment as well as opinions about the artwork trying to understand each and everyone's taste and sensibilities. 

This is a great activity to make a clear break with your current day-to-day and feed of some culture all the while learning to know your teammates. You can easily do it at all times of the day, whether you wish it to be part of a bigger virtual event, want to offer a breath of fresh air at lunch break or unwind later in the evening together. 

Quick session overview:
- Intros and explanation on the theme
- Deep-dive and conversation about the artwork
- Wrap-up and additional resources to go one step further for the participants that are interested

What you’ll need

  • Zoom download

  • 15 participants minimum to book this experience

Booking deadline

  • Minimum 2 weeks before

Every event is unique, and pricing can vary significantly based on specific requirements.

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